Saturday, January 28, 2023

Surprising Nikkah photos of famous Youtuber Ducky Bhai went viral on internet

Saad Ur Rehman, well known by his YouTube handle Ducky Bhai has Nikkahfied and his Nikkah photos went viral on internet like a fire. What a lovely gesture it is to marry your life companion. Everyone has a person they admire more than anybody else in the world. The blessing of marrying your soulmate cannot overstated.

Ducky is well known for taking a straightforward approach to problems. Ducky Extra, his gaming-related YouTube channel has amassed a large following. Throughout this article, you will see Ducky Bhai in a lovely, brighter and more emotional light.

We have chosen some of the most heartfelt, beautiful and whimsical photographs from this event for your viewing pleasure.

Nikkah photos of Ducky Bhai are becoming increasingly popular on internet. Several YouTubers were also present to contribute to the magnificent celebration. Zaid Ali T, Shahveer Jafry and Rahim Pardesi were among the members of the group.

Furthermore, Ducky took to Instagram to share his delight at entering a new phase of his life. He recently got engaged to Arooba Jatoi. With its rich tea colour, Arooba looks very gorgeous when it is all put together and displayed.

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