Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Pakistan became the biggest export market for Proton cars

Pakistan is largest export market for Proton and the company is progressively increasing its worldwide reach. In March 2021, the carmaker sent 794 units to foreign markets, with 690 of those going to Pakistan.

Saga, with 6,422 sales, was Proton’s best-selling model, accounting for 41% of the company’s total sales in March 2022. The X70 SUV, which sold 2,320 units in a month, came in second.

Despite the fact that Proton has an enormous market share in Malaysia, it isn’t doing so biggest in Pakistan. As a result, demand has reduced due to poor sales, slowed local manufacturing and lengthy delivery delays.

In 2021, just 1,233 Proton vehicles have sold in Pakistan, according to data compiled. 1,052 of these units were CBUs, but only 181 were built in the factory.

As a result of the de-intensification of COVID19 limitations and consequent freedom of commerce with Malaysia, Al-Haj Automotive recently stated that it is increasing its local manufacturing of Proton automobiles.

Proton, according to sources on the market, now has a backlog of over 1,000 orders, resulting in an up to one-year delay in delivering newly ordered vehicles. This has enraged past consumers and deterred new ones from purchasing Proton.

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