Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Actress Shaista Lodhi fortunate enough to participate in preparation of Kiswah Al-Ka’bah

Famous actress and TV host Shaista Lodhi had the privilege of taking part in the preparation of the Kiswah Al-Ka’bah. She grew to reputation as a result of her appearances on the morning programmes.

A new of actress currently trending on social media platforms and gaining poularity. Whereas, Shaista Lodhi can seen expressing her sentiments about preparation of Kiswah Al-Ka’bah (Holy Ka’bah’s cover).

There is evidence in this video that actress is present at Saudi Arabian facility where the Kiswah Al-Ka’bah is preparing. She is stitching the cloth with the assistance of Saudi labourers.

Moreover, the video of the well known host has received positive feedback from social media users. They are praising Shaista Lodhi on attaining this joy and bliss.

Furthermore, former Indian actress Sana Khan recently participated in the preparation of Kiswah Al-Ka’bah. She has blessed to sew it. Her video captured the attention of her admirers on social media platforms.

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