Saturday, January 28, 2023

Resham chanted ‘Long Live Shehbaz Sharif’ on Instagram in support of expected PM

A renowned actress in Pakistan Resham yelled chants in support of PML-N President and new PM’s candidate Shehbaz Sharif. She recently posted a video in favour of PML-N leader or her official Instagram.

A brief video of Resham shouting chants in support of Shehbaz Sharif has uploaded on Instagram. She shared it with her followers. Whereas, ‘Long live Shehbaz Sharif’, Resham says in the video. She added, “Various of her colleagues created many videos last night and we all screamed slogans. However, now time has forced me to chant a slogan and that phrase is ‘Long live Shehbaz Sharif’.

Moreover, Resham noted in the description of her video upload that the entire nation had come to the conclusion of a chapter. Hopefully, this new chapter will fill with richness and splendour.

Furthermore, it may note that following the filing of a no-confidence motion against former Prime Minister, a lot of celebrities from the entertainment sector came out in favour of Imran Khan.

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