Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Imran Khan’s ex-focal person Dr. Arslan Khalid’s home raided

The house of Dr. Arslan Khalid, leader of the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf and former focal person to Prime Minister Imran Khan, has been raided, shortly after a no-confidence resolution against PTI Chairman Imran Khan as Prime Minister was passed in the Pakistan National Assembly.

It was claimed on Sunday morning by a verified PTI Twitter account that the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had been contacted and asked to investigate the incident.

According to the PTI, the individuals who invaded the house seized all of his family’s cellphones. It went on to say that he had never mistreated anyone on social media and had never targeted any organizations.

Asad Umar, a veteran PTI leader, said the raid on the residence of Dr. Arslan Khalid was “very condemnable.”  Dr. Arslan is a “patriotic youth who is an asset to the nation.”

Further information about the incident was not provided by the PTI sources.

When Shehbaz Sharif spoke to reporters following the adoption of a no-confidence resolution against Prime Minister Imran Khan, he expressed his determination to move the country ahead and transform it into a great nation while putting the bitterness of the past behind him.

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Shehbaz Sharif stated that we aim to bring healing to the ills and scars of the country. He stated that he would not seek retribution from anyone. He stated that there will be no injustice or abuse, and that innocent individuals will not be imprisoned or otherwise punished. He, on the other hand, has stated that the law will take its course.

The PML-N president stated that the judiciary is respected. He promised to handle the country’s affairs in conjunction with the people and with the support of the institutions.

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