Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Toyota Pakistan broke and celebrated its highest ever sales record

Toyota Pakistan or Indus Motor Company has set a new sales record for the most automobiles in a month. With 7,132 vehicles sold in March 2022, it broke up the recent record of 7,001 vehicles in October 2021.

Toyota Pakistan took to social media to acknowledge their major accomplishment. It wrote, “Indus Motor Company is happy to deliver 7,132 promises of mobility and reliability. As a thank you to our loyal consumers, Toyota would like to extend its gratitude.”

How many Corollas, Yaris, Fortuners, and Hiluxes were sold out of the total of 7,132? It will be a few days before we receive the monthly PAMA sales report. Since Toyota Pakistan no longer discloses specific model sales record. We’ll never find out. Only the combined sales of the Corolla, Yaris, and Fortuner, as well as the Fortuner, and Hilux, can be shown.

In the midst of back-to-back price increases for automobiles, Toyota has been able to shatter sales records. In Pakistan, car costs are at their highest level ever. Toyota Corolla, Yaris, Fortuner, and Hilux are all priced between Rs. 37.5 and 46.9 lacs, respectively, while the Toyota Hilux is priced between Rs. 70.6 and 93.2 lacs. Look at those costs; they’re the highest we’ve ever seen!

The 7 thousand+ sales figure is not the most recent, but rather the bookings Toyota has taken over the last six to seven months. COVID-19, which is now open, may have caused an obstruction. Sales have risen as a result.

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