Saturday, January 28, 2023

Meta platforms are bringing back #MonthofGood campaign to honour holy month Ramadan

A new #MonthofGood campaign has launched by Meta platforms to honour holy month of Ramadan with a new immersive experiences. It is also to help Muslim communities in Pakistan and throughout the world celebrate the holy month.

Muslim innovators will have an entry point into immersive technology. Their applications will provide opportunities for users to express themselves during #MonthofGood. Moreover, Meta shares tales of Muslim communities making great impacts. By leveraging their technology, Muslim artists and communities having an increasingly beneficial influence on issues.

The Ramadan Talks Series, a weekly gathering of creators from world on Facebook Live and Instagram to discuss topics of passion like food and Earth Day as well as creating Reels and building brands with their communities. It will take place over the next four weeks as Meta shares curated content and programming across its technologies.

Moreover, as part of the #MonthofGood campaign, Meta platforms will curate daily Ramadan Facebook Watch and IGTV Series. It will feature inspiring and entertaining #MonthofGood activities from various creators and entertainment networks in Pakistan. These activities will range from a handy guide to cooking your favourite Iftar meal to new ideas for community.

Furthermore, the holy month of Ramadan has inspired Meta to take particular measures to promote Muslim entrepreneurs. They want to establish a more equal future for technology. Therefore, the business is launching new Ramadan AR effects and incorporating Muslim culture into the metaverse.

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