Monday, October 3, 2022

Toyota introduced the high end performance car segment as Corolla GR

Toyota introduced Gazoo Racing GR, which is a variant of Toyota’s best selling Corolla sedan. 20% of Toyota’s sales come from the Corolla, which are flying off the shelves in more than 150 countries. More than 50 million Corollas have been sold since the first model introduced by Toyota.

Toyota GR, short for Toyota Gazoo Racing is a brand new category for the automaker. Factory-built high-performance vehicles are the responsibility of GR. We may compare GR to BMW’s M and Mercedes’ AMG.

The new Land Cruiser and all future versions of Supra, Yaris and the Yaris hatchback have GR badging. Toyota is now adding the Corolla to the GR group. Whereas, Toyota introduced the Corolla GR to the United States market.

Moreover, with its wider track and lower centre of gravity, this sports car offers the handling characteristics you expect from a car with as much power as this GR Corolla. It has constructed on the same GA-C platform as a regular hatchback. A lightweight aluminium bonnet, front door panels and other key places have utilised.

Furthermore, the official Toyota Corolla GR Price 2022 has yet to announce by company. However, it has believed to be in the $35-$40,000 range for the North American market. Toyota also revealed that, in addition to the United States and Canada, the Corolla GR will sale in other countries.

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