Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Video of anchorperson Shaista Lodhi slips during live game show went viral on internet

An actress and morning show host Shaista Lodhi abruptly slips during live game show. She was swinging in the excitement of winning a Ramadan game show. Her fans expressed their worry on this incident.

Following the victory of her team, she has shown joyfully grasping a box. Whereas, at a point Shaista Lodhi loses her balance and slips on the set of a live broadcast. The video has gained widespread attention on social media.

However, actress Ushna Shah appeared on the show alongside Shaista Lodhi. She approaches Shaista and assists her in taking a step backwards.

Furthermore, when they returned, they have met by Shoaib Malik and Adnan Siddiqui. Both male celebrities was watching the show with them.

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