Saturday, January 28, 2023

Actress Ushna Shah responded bluntly to everyone criticizing her brown skin

A well known Lollywood actress Ushna Shah has proven her mettle with a vivacious performance. This time, Ushna Shah provided a direct response to those who criticised her for having a brown skin.

The actress is currently on a vacation in a foreign country. Using her Instagram account, she posted a picture of herself from the location, in which just her hand can see. But the users called Ushna Shah an elder lady and having brown skin.

Taking this into consideration, the actress produced an essay entitled “Never ashame of your dark brown skin tone.” It is important for those who make unusual comments about the photo to know that we are Pakistani. Our skin tone is dark brown if my hands have involved.

Furthermore, speaking of which, “I also enjoy spending time in the sun while driving a car. It’s not a problem for me to admit that I am a brown person. My gorgeous brown hands look fantastic with pink nail polish. Therefore there’s no reason why I should cover them up with any filter.”

Moreover, Ushna Shah is a well known actress in the Pakistani entertainment industry. She had seen in drama serial ‘Aakhir Kab Tak’ for the very last time.

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