Saturday, January 28, 2023

US vehemently denies PM Imran Khan’s accusations

The United States (US) State Department has once again rejected the assertions of Prime Minister Imran Khan that the Opposition was supporting him in order to overthrow his government through a no-trust resolution.

During a jalsa on March 27, Pakistan’s prime minister accused the United States of intervening in Pakistan’s politics and plotting to depose him through a no-confidence motion in the National Assembly.

A ‘threat letter’ was also displayed by the prime minister at a public gathering, claiming that a foreign country has warned of grave consequences if the government continues in power.

Following the uproar caused by the Opposition over the ‘threat letter,’ the Prime Minister called a meeting of the National Security Committee (NSC) and presented the letter. The National Security Council voiced worry about this, and a demarche was addressed to the US embassy in Pakistan.

Following that, on the basis of the ‘threat letter,’ the deputy speaker rejected the no-confidence resolution against the prime minister, and President Arif Alvi dissolved the National Assembly on the PM’s instruction. However, because the matter is currently before the Supreme Court, this conduct has triggered a serious constitutional dilemma.

Accusations of PM Imran Khan were firmly dismissed earlier this week by the US State Department and White House, which stated that the US government had nothing to do with it.

Despite its previous rejection, the United States has once again denied Prime Minister Imran Khan’s allegations of US government participation.

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Ned Price, a spokesperson for the United States State Department, denied the allegations, saying, “The United States believes in democratic principles not only in Pakistan but around the world.”

It was also said that “there is no truth to the charge,” as previously stated by him. “We support the peaceful maintaining of constitutional democratic principles,” he continued.

Ned Price went on to say that the United States never supports a single political party because it believes in bigger ideas.

In his words, “we do not promote one political party over another; rather, we advocate greater ideals, such as the rule of law, equality before the law, and equal justice under the law.”

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