Friday, February 3, 2023

Atlas Honda announced a big and shocking hike in prices for its Bikes

Atlas Honda has announced its second hike in prices for bikes in 2022 that have implemented by all motorcycle manufacturers. They are putting it in the driver’s seat once more in the series of periodic price increases.

According to sources, the Association of Pakistan Motorcycle Assemblers (APMA) has alerted motorcycle stores across Pakistan of the recommended new prices for bikes from Atlas Honda, which are effective immediately. The increase in pricing is attributable to an increase in the price of steel as well as the depreciation of the local currency.

It has advised that the following prices will charge:

BikeCurrent PriceSuggested Price
CD 7097,90099,900
Honda Pridor133,900136,900
CG 125155,900159,500
CG 125 SE185,500189,500
CB 150F282,900291,900
CB 150F SE286,900295,900

It has also said that Atlas Honda released a formal notification and that the new tariffs will effective on April 1. The price of the Honda CD 70 has risen by over Rs. 100,000 as a result of this increase.

Despite the fact that Pakistan’s motorbike sector is tremendously wealthy and successful. The country’s citizens continue to denied access to new and better models. Their sales continue to soar as a result of the high demand for their products despite this.

Moreover, industry analysts anticipate that motorcycle sales will continue to grow. Whereas, vehicle purchasers are increasingly opting for two-wheelers as a result of growing prices in the automobile industry.

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