Friday, February 3, 2023

Bookings opened for Toyota Land Cruiser J300 with a huge price of 72.5 million

The new Toyota Land Cruiser J300 has made available for pre-order by Indus Motors Company in Pakistan. The most recent Land Cruiser model costs Rs 72,499,000. It may order for Rs 30,000,000 in whole or in part.

According to the firm, the delivery of Toyota Land Cruiser J300 may take more than a year due to challenges with restricted allocations and the supply chain. It’s not just the excessive price but the lengthy delivery time will cause many to question.

Most Pakistanis have shocked by the huge price tag, possibly more so than witnessing Esra Bilgic appear for Victoria Secret. Before it has cancelled, the LC J200 model was selling for Rs 52.65 million. The J300 has priced at Rs 72.49 million, which is around Rs 19.84 million more expensive than the previous model.

However, the government has imposed increased taxes and charges on CBUs in the mini-budget. Vehicles with a combustion engine are now subject to a 50% regulatory duty which was formerly just 15%. Whereas, it’s possible that the price disparity between CBU automobiles and those that are imported as CBUs in other markets may be much worse.

Moreover, there is a difference of Rs 53.29 million between the quoted pricing in Pakistan and the actual cost of the flagship Toyota LC300 Sahara ZX in Australia. A Land Cruiser J300 in Australia costs less than a Camry car in Pakistan, which goes for Rs 23.32 million (about $4,000).

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