Saturday, January 28, 2023

Opposition wants full bench of SC to hear the lawsuit on govt unconstitutional act

On Sunday evening, the united Opposition urged that a full bench of the Supreme Court of Pakistan hear a case involving the government’s “unconstitutional” conduct today.

Following Imran Khan’s recommendation, President Arif Alvi dissolved the National Assembly earlier yesterday after the deputy speaker chose not to allow the Opposition to vote on a no-confidence resolution.

According to a joint statement published by the united Opposition, “Imran Niazi openly rebelled against the country and the Constitution, for which the punishment specified in Article 6 of the Constitution — high treason — has been explicitly established.”

In its statement, the united Opposition also expressed its hope that the Supreme Court will rule in the interests of justice and in accordance with the Constitution. It referred to April 3 as “the darkest day in the history of the country,” and stated that constitutional, democratic, legal, and political standards had been “violated.”

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“The unified Opposition has demonstrated its obvious majority” in the National Assembly, according to the statement, which also stated that the United Opposition has a majority in the lower chamber.

The unified Opposition expressed gratitude to all of the supporters of the Constitution, the people, and democracy for their assistance.

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