Tuesday, January 31, 2023

President Arif Alvi dissolves assemblies on advice of PM Imran Khan

In an address to the Nation delivered on Sunday, Prime Minister Imran Khan declared the dissolution of the assemblies.

In a speech to the country, Prime Minister Imran Khan declared the dissolution of the assemblies immediately after Deputy Speaker Qasim Khan Suri ruled to reject the no-trust motion filed by the opposition parties against him, alleging that he was involved in a foreign conspiracy.

In his address, the prime minister referred to the no-trust resolution against him as a ‘foreign agenda,’ and he congratulated the people of the country on the motion’s rejection in the National Assembly.

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“It was a foreign agenda, and I want to encourage the people not to be alarmed because God is watching over the country,” Prime Minister Imran Khan remarked.

“The Speaker has made the decision to utilize his authority,” he explained. “I have sent a letter to the President recommending that the assemblies be dissolved,” the prime minister added. “It is up to the people to decide what their future will be,” Imran Khan stated.

A conspiracy against the country has been foiled, and he expressed his gratitude to Allah for the accomplishment.

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