Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Thank God I won’t see the faces of dissident PTI MPs again: PM Imran Khan

As the National Assembly prepares to vote on a no-confidence motion against him, Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed gratitude to God for the fact that he will not have to see the faces of dissident PTI MPs again.

“Prior to the budget, whenever they [dissident MPs] came to see me, I would first take two pills of disprin to calm them down. Then they’d come up to me and ask for a variety of things “PM Imran Khan addressed the government’s lawmakers during a dinner event at the PM House, where, according to reports, 140 members of parliament were in attendance.

While telling them that “they will be remembered in history for not accepting bribes,” the prime minister thanked the members who “stood by his side, for the country and the future of their children,” saying that “they will be remembered in history for not accepting bribes.”

A coalition partner, the MQM-P, announced Wednesday that its seven members would vote for the Opposition alliance, essentially ending the PTI’s hold on the majority in the National Assembly. There are 342 members in the National Assembly. Before them, several other supporters and PTI MNAs had exchanged sides.

According to the prime minister, “I will state unequivocally that the United States is behind this scheme.” He went on to declare that if the opposition wins the election, they will obey the orders of “foreign powers.”

When he first entered politics, Prime Minister Imran Khan said he encountered “shameless” individuals who, he said, would not care if drone operations killed Pakistanis because they would be preoccupied with their “corrupt activities.”

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Parliamentarians had sold their “conscience” and joined forces with the Opposition to assist a “foreign conspiracy,” according to the prime minister, who expressed regret that they had done so.

PM Imran Khan claimed that such individuals wished to enslave the country to foreign powers. “However, what they are unaware of is that we are living in the age of social media, and their images may be seen all over the internet.”

The prime minister referred to a “threat letter” over which Pakistan lodged a formal protest with the United States, saying that the memo stated that if his administration were to be toppled, Pakistan “would be forgiven.”

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