Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Establishment did not ask me to leave, says PM Imran Khan

In response to the National Assembly’s impending vote on a no-confidence resolution against him, Prime Minister Imran Khan said Saturday that he had not been asked to do so by the establishment.

The premier made the revelation during an interview with a private television channel, yet only a day before, he had claimed that the “system” had offered him three options: a no-confidence motion, retirement from his position, or new elections if he didn’t want to continue in office.

PM Imran Khan had previously stated that he would “not resign from office” despite the fact that his party has lost its majority in the National Assembly.

Meanwhile, in a separate interview conducted at his office with a small number of foreign journalists, Prime Minister Imran Khan hinted that he might not accept a vote to remove him from power, which he claimed was being arranged by the United States.

Opposition parties accuse Prime Minister Imran Khan of failing to revive an economy battered by the coronavirus pandemic or to deliver on promises to make his government more transparent and accountable. They have introduced a no-confidence motion, which will be voted on Sunday, to express their disappointment.

“How can I accept the outcome when the entire process has been thrown into question?” he asked the journalists. “When it comes to democracy, moral authority is essential. What moral authority remains after this connivance?”

“The attempt to remove me from office is flagrant involvement in domestic politics by the United States,” he said, describing it as an attempt at “regime change.”

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Prime Minister Imran Khan, who has already lost his parliamentary majority as a result of allies defecting from his coalition administration and joining the opposition, has asked his followers to take to the streets on Sunday in anticipation of the election.

Since assuming office, US President Joe Biden has not spoken with Prime Minister Imran Khan, but the White House has denied that it is attempting to depose him.

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