Saturday, January 28, 2023

Sheikh Rasheed wants early elections after Ramadan

Despite repeated calls from opposition parties, Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed has abandoned the idea of having “fair and transparent” elections in the country shortly following Ramadan.

According to the interior minister, who said at a press conference in Islamabad, the “country’s establishment should interfere promptly” and that a hasty election must be held after Ramadan.

“I have been repeating this for the last year that an early election is the only option and that it must be held after Ramadan,” he stated, adding that there are just four conditions that must be met in order to overcome the country’s continuing political crisis.

“There are just four prerequisites for resolving the current political crisis: the establishment must intervene and convene elections, PTI MPs must resign from their positions in legislatures, and opposition parties must be barred from receiving foreign funding,” Rasheed continued.

The interior minister stated that he always stands side by side with Prime Minister Imran Khan and that the no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran would be defeated in parliament.

“The opposition’s no-confidence motion has strengthened Prime Minister Imran Khan’s popularity among the general public,” he said, adding that those who have sold out their conscience will be unable to face the people in their individual constituencies as a result of their actions.

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Sheikh Rasheed has also stated that the next 24 hours are critical, stating that the political situation in Pakistan has the potential to take a turn for the worse.

The federal minister reaffirmed that Prime Minister Imran Khan would play until the final ball was struck and would not resign under any circumstances.

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