Thursday, February 2, 2023

PM Imran says he’ll return stronger following the vote on the no-confidence motion

Prime Minister Imran Khan has stated that he will come back stronger no matter what the outcome of the vote on the no-confidence motion against him.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, addressed the nation in response to the no-confidence motion and the National Security Committee (NSC) meeting on the threat letter to the federal government, as political turmoil in the country continued.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Imran Khan, has stated that the time has come for the country to choose the correct path.

During his 20-year cricketing career, Prime Minister Khan stated that “the world, as well as those who played cricket with me, witnessed that I played to the last ball.”

“I’ve never been one to accept defeat in my life. Nobody should be under the impression that I will stay at home. “I’ll come back stronger, no matter what the outcome is,” the premier declared.

“A foreign country has delivered a message to them (Pakistan) stating that Imran Khan must be removed from power or else Pakistan will face repercussions.”

According to Imran Khan, who addressed the turncoats in a message, “Our history has examples of Mir Jaffar and Mir Sadiq who conspired with foreign forces to bring their leaders down; you will be remembered as one of them.”

He asserted that, unless one is involved in politics, one does not know other politicians. He claims to be the luckiest guy on the planet, having received every blessing from Allah Almighty.

He stated that the symbol of an independent nation is self-worth and that Pakistan was established in order to become an independent and welfare state based on the values of Madinah.

PM Khan stated that the government had received a message from a foreign country on March 7, which came just before the filing of a no-trust motion against him was announced. The threatening message from a foreign country was not only directed at the premier but also at the entire country.

As previously stated, Pakistan will be pardoned if the no-trust movement against Imran Khan is successful; otherwise, severe consequences will be witnessed. All of this information is recorded in the meeting’s minutes, which are available online. Not a verbal threat, but an official document,” says the author.

The prime minister said that the memo had shown foreign connections to the country’s recent political developments, which he stated was a result of the document. PM Khan claimed that he was single-handedly responsible for his decision to travel to Russia.

Imran Khan confirmed that he had traveled to Russia after holding meetings with the Russian government. “Pakistan is treated as if it is a servant by criticizing us for my travel to Russia,” he stated.

The premier claimed that the ‘three stooges’ are a particular sort of slaves who had been accused of perpetrating billions of dollars worth of corruption, but whose cases had been dropped by former President Pervez Musharraf.

In his statement, Prime Minister Khan claimed that the three stooges were chosen by foreign governments that have never criticized hundreds of drone strikes in Pakistan or expressed sorrow over the deaths of innocent people in Afghanistan.

As an example, he stated that WikiLeaks had revealed the conversation between Fazlur Rehman and the then US ambassador, whereas Nawaz Sharif had attended covert meetings with Narendra Modi, which had been discovered by an Indian journalist, was revealed by WikiLeaks.

The former prime minister of Pakistan, Shehbaz Sharif, had stated that Imran Khan made a mistake by declaring absolutely note. It was my intention to inform them that Pakistan is a partner in peace, not in war.”

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The premier pushed the government to pursue an autonomous foreign policy as a whole, stating that otherwise, the country would not gain international recognition.

In response to the opposition’s charges, Prime Minister Khan stated that they believed the threatening letter was a hoax and a fabrication. He stated that the National Security Committee (NSC) meeting today did not reflect the realities of the situation.

In addition to the federal cabinet and military leadership, the threat letter was presented to the public.

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