Saturday, January 28, 2023

US behind threat letter against PM Imran Khan: Journalist

Journalist Nasim Zehra said that a senior United States (US) official had told Pakistan’s Ambassador in Washington, Dr. Asad, that relations with the country would not improve until and until Imran Khan remained prime minister of Pakistan.

In a tweet, the journalist shared information about how the United States Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs had called outgoing Ambassador Dr. Asad to give a demarche to the Pakistani government.

The ambassador was warned that as long as Imran Khan is prime minister, relations with Pakistan will not improve and that if he leaves, [Pakistan] will be forgiven for its faults.

She referred to it as an “outrageous official communication,” which she said everyone should denounce.
During this discussion, it is important to note that Prime Minister Khan stated on Wednesday that a letter containing evidence of a foreign conspiracy to overthrow his administration would be given to Parliament during its in-camera session.

The Prime Minister, Imran Khan, shared part of the threatening letter with the media.

According to the letter, if the no-confidence motion against Pakistani Prime Minister Khan fails, the country’s difficulties will exacerbate. “We are dissatisfied, but everything will be great once the no-trust motion is passed,” said the group.

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When asked about the letter at his press briefing, PM Imran Khan stated that it shows to worry about his recent travel to Russia. In response to the letter, Prime Minister Imran Khan stated that it highlighted the future links by connecting it to the foreign policy that threatened regime change in Pakistan.

The premier, on the other hand, did not reveal to the media from whom the letter had been addressed to him.

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