Monday, October 3, 2022

Leading Pakistani actress Ayesha Omar made an official entry on TikTok

A well known actress in Pakistan’s film and television industries Ayesha Omar has joined the short video sharing app TikTok. She told her followers on her official Instagram accout.

According to reports, Ayesha Omar announced on Instagram that she had joined TikTok. Whereas, her videos are visible on her Instagram stories for the first time.

The actress posted a TikTok video on her Instagram account which was inspired by some of her favourite photographs from the Dubai trip. She recently also spotted in Dubai on her luxurious trip.

Moreover, it should remember that several images from a photo shoot of actress Ayesha Omar and cricketer Shoaib Malik became popular on social media a short while ago. It was prompting some individuals to express their displeasure with the photos.

According to actress, the photo shoot with former captain and cricketer Shoaib Malik was wonderful. She has a timid person and Shoaib used to ask for advice from me throughout the photo shoot.

Furthermore, Ayesha Omar was in the viral picture session with Shoaib Malik. She claimed that Shoaib Malik is not only her favourite player but he is also an old friend.

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