Monday, December 5, 2022

Florida Teen perished was turned away from two other rides: Cousin Shay Johnson

According to his cousin, the Florida teen who died after falling from a ride was turned away from two other rides because of his size.

Tyre Sampson fell from the Orlando FreeFall drop tower on Thursday. Shay Johnson said she called Tyre just before he jumped from the park’s FreeFall drop tower.

She said Johnson took Tyre to the park and he asked to swing. “I said OK. He said, “Ride it twice for me.”

After 7 minutes, he called. “They say I’m fat.” “I can’t ride,” Johnson said. “My son was 6’5″, 340,” Tyre Sampson’s father told CNN on Friday. So big.”

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Johnson said Tyre was told he was too big for the SlingShot. He said he had one more ride. FreeFall Orlando “They let me ride.” I go. “I can ride,” he said.

“I had no idea it was our last call.” He just wanted a ride, she said. The ride’s maximum passenger weight is 130 kilogrammes.

Keep an eye out for big guests. Make sure they fit the seat and the bracket. If not, don’t let them ride.

Its operator reported the ride’s end to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ fair rides division.

Tyre fell out of the seat when the magnets engaged to slow the ride during the descent, according to report.

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