Monday, October 3, 2022

People in the US are receiving spam text messages from their own phones

US Users are bombarded with spam SMS from their own phones, often linking to Russian news sites.

This free gift requires customers to follow a link in an email from their cell phone provider. Spam URLs usually lead to a form asking for the target’s contact and financial details.

Following the fake phone line led to Russian news websites, increasing suspicions that the scam is part of pro-Ukraine propaganda.

The Verge reported on the issue after Verizon Wireless writer Chris Welch was targeted.

Chris Welch said “This morning I received an obvious hoax text asking for my phone bill. But this message was different: it was spoofing my own phone number. My iPhone mistook it for a genuine message from me. When I tapped the sender’s name, my contact card showed. Smarter con artists.”

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Oblivious to the warnings, the reporter clicked on one nonetheless. said he “The URL I obtained was for Channel One Russia. Others say following the link takes them to Russian websites.”

However, utilising the cell owner’s own number circumvents the phone’s “filter unknown texts” security protections. As a result of this, many consumers believe freebies and click on links presented to them.

Officials say Russia may be preparing cyberattacks against the US as punishment for its invasion of Ukraine.

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