Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Blaxx wife: Everything You Need to Know

We regret to tell you about Dexter Blaxx’s recent demise. Covid complications took him. Dexter was hospitalised last week with difficulty breathing.

Sore nose, can’t sleep, as if crushed. His results will be reported. He developed a severe coronavirus the next day (14).

They hurried him to the ICU. They said they’d accept him in 5 days, but he died. Late. He saw a doctor while he was sick. He died at 61. He was to live longer. But his carelessness cost him his life.

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Latoya Wright, Blaxx wife, a music contributor, was grieved by his loss. He was in Arima hospital. He has old-fashioned respiratory and kidney problems.

Now many will know the singer. His songs and albums are remembered. Many of his fans liked it and will keep liking it.

He died of covid infections. He has lung and kidney difficulties. As a result, it affects his health more. He recorded the singer’s Mash-Up, Rock So, Brass, etc.

He organised and performed in concerts. And in 2022, she released music for the Taste of Carnival Season. He totally lives. Be at ease wherever he goes.

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