Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Chris Rock Responds To Will Smith’s slap, Explains Apology

Hollywood’s biggest star, Will Smith, slapped Chris Rock onstage in front of the live audience. His wife and the Oscars 2022 audience were astonished.

Chris Rock slapped Jada Pinkett Smith in the face while making fun of her and ridiculing her. The response from Chirs Rock captivated the audience. “That was the greatest night in television history ever,” Will exclaimed, slapping Chris on the back.

The night’s Best Actor winner was Will Smith, who smacked Chris Rock onstage for making a joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

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Smith apologised to the Academy and others, but not to Rock. Smith saw himself in Serena and Venus’ father, Richard Williams. These two bands have a history of Oscar feuds.

A lack of diversity among the acting candidates was ridiculed by Pinkett Smith in 2016. Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, and Instagram users love Chris Rock’s Oscar slap.

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To deliver the best documentary prize, Chris Rock made a joke that Will didn’t like. His joke infuriated him. Wanting to slap the comedian and return to his seat, Will storms onstage. Chris Rock’s Oscars on-stage slap led to a vehicle crash.

“Chris” Wow! That was a great TV night. He brings up Chris and Will’s difficulties. If Will isn’t on stage, he punches his face and escalates his wrath.

Looking into Will’s eyes, you can see him containing his hatred. He shouldn’t have made that Will’s wife joke.

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