Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Bubzbeauty aka Lindy Tsang Husband Tim Cheating Pictures Lead To Her Divorce

Bubzbeauty aka Lindy Tsang is back in the spotlight after her recent wedding announcement went viral.
Uncountable reactions erupted as soon as the news was shared on social media. The same thing was happening to their loved ones for a long time. And a few hidden secrets, too.

Lindy Tsang, aka Bubzbeauty, is a prominent Chinese YouTuber and makeup artist. Many people subscribe to her YouTube channel and follow her on other social media platforms because she inspires others so well.

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Bubzbeauty supposedly divorced her husband Tim after finding his extramarital affair. Some of Tim’s photos with his girlfriend have gone viral on social media, so Lindy’s supporters argue that being alone is preferable to being in a toxic relationship.

They, too, have strong reactions, because no one could blame her while assessing all. Not to mention her future plans with Mr. Lumberjack. She wants someone who will understand her and be there for her.

A video titled “Dating Again, Falling in Love, Rejection, Shame, and More” was uploaded to her YouTube page in November 2020. So we talked about it and will let you know if anything changes.

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