Saturday, January 28, 2023

In a virally leaked video, a girl shoots her cousin and herself

Two cousins, Kuaron Harvey and Paris Harvey, died during a birthday party. They were 15 years apart. Both died as teenagers.

Two cousins were doing Instagram Live. Unintentionally, a cousin was tinkering with the Kids can’t tell a real gun from a fake. The gun was loaded.

She then killed herself and his relative. The killer’s motive was unknown. It’s being treated as a murder-suicide.

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Paris Harvey killed Kuaron Harvey before shooting herself. Who owns the pistol and how did they get it? It happened in a St. Louis apartment. Their parents are unaware.

On Instagram Live, she said she saw two relatives celebrating the girl’s birthday in a downtown St. Louis apartment. They weren’t fighting, said Dyson from Dallas. Weapons were unwittingly

Relating to their cousins. They get along fine. They’ve grown up together. Their parents were siblings. Kuaron and Paris practised in the bathroom before shooting.

Both were reportedly headshot. They couldn’t get them to the hospital. Paramedics arrive too late to save them.

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January 12, 2023 8:25 am

very sad story

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