Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Billie Eilish Manager Danny Rukasin has gone viral on the internet

Billie Eilish’s manager, Danny Rukasin, is a well-known celebrity manager in America. After graduation, Danny Rukasin joined Tour Hippos as a brand manager. He’s managed major celebrity problems before.

The Gifted, Nick Dungo, and Oliver Riot trust Rukasin. Rukasin has achieved success in his field. He’s been making music for 23 years.

Artistically, Danny has focused on artist and client growth. Despite his failure as an artist, he later became a manager of stars. He invented many strategies that worked with record labels. The producer of Billie Eilish’s film is now working with Rukasin.

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A 5-year Hippos veteran. As a ticketing manager for AEG Live. His secondary education is unknown, however he received a BA in Psychology from USC in 2015. He joined Group Artist Management in 2009 and has been managing artists for around a decade.

Danny Rukasin’s net worth is unclear, however he must be affluent from his efforts. He records his life on Instagram. He’s on Twitter and other sites. A well-known celebrity manager in America nowadays.

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