Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Nadia Hussain defends herself against ‘elitist’ criticism

Nadia Hussain, a Pakistani supermodel and actor, slammed the modelling industry. She got slammed for stating the older “educated” models were superior.

Earlier models were “beautiful, tall, and educated,” she remarked on Timeout With Ahsan Khan, whereas later models “had no criterion.”

After the video went viral, she was slammed for her “ignorant” attitude and privilege.

But Nadia stood by her previous comments. She said on Instagram that “educated ones are always a class above.”

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“Education gives you more dreams and aspirations. The educated are always superior! The enlightened always have a better demeanour and demeanour… I will always value education.”

“Education and talent are distinct,” she told model Sarah Zulfiqar. It’s a comparison. Life has no shortcuts, say educators. Educated people don’t get discussed.”

For Nadia, today’s models are clueless, there is “no criteria” and “it was purely about receiving permission”. She also slammed the model glut.

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