Wednesday, February 1, 2023

13 PTI respond to show-cause notices and counter-claims

At least 13 PTI MNAs have answered to the party’s show-cause notices, calling the allegations against them false.

Last week, the ruling PTI summoned 13 dissident MNAs for allegedly defecting and joining the Opposition. The warnings came after the dissident MNAs sought “refuge” at Sindh House.

Before the decisive vote on a no-confidence motion against the premier, the dissident MPs were given seven days to justify their actions to PM Imran Khan.

The notifications to members stated that the interviews provided to media outlets showed they had quit PTI and were consequently asked to appear before the party chairman.

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The dissident MNAs said the party had made “baseless claims” against them in their responses. They further claim that their activities do not violate Article 63(A), which deals with defections from parties.

According to the MNAs, they have not left the PTI nor deserted from the legislative party. In light of the false accusations, they decided not to face the prime minister in person.

In case MNAs leave the Opposition, the administration has filed a presidential reference with the Supreme Court seeking an interpretation of Article 63. (A).

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