Saturday, January 28, 2023

American biotechnology company would buy your personal waste for Rs. 200,000 each month

A healthy citizen who donates daily personal waste to an American biotechnology company will be paid $1,200 (about Rs. 218,000) per month.

“Good Nature” is a new research project by Massachusetts-based biotechnology company Ceres Therapeutics that will generate a bacteria named “Clostridium difficile”. A better cholera treatment will be researched.

People aged 18 to 50 who have good digestion, a normal weight, don’t smoke, don’t use drugs, don’t drink alcohol, and have a long history will be eligible for the Good Nature programme. If she is a woman, she should not be pregnant until there is no intestinal or stomach ailment.

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The chosen volunteers will be required to submit their solid waste (faeces) to the corporation on a daily basis or for a predetermined amount of time in exchange for an average of 1,200 per month, up to 1,500.

Ceres Therapeutics reports that 150 people have applied for the initiative, which is being evaluated from multiple aspects.

But “Good Nature” is a major effort that requires a lot of people. That’s why registration is still ongoing and likely to continue for months. The main drawback is that this company only accepts rubbish from Americans.

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