Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Alya Manasa, a TV actress, has a second baby

Alya Manasa was initially seen in the lead role of Raja Rani in the first sequel of the same daily serial.

An actor’s husband turned to social media. Alia had their second kid, a boy. He shared a photo of his wife and son on Instagram. His captions include “We are blessed with Boy baby both baby and mum doing good thank you so much for all your blessings.”

Previously, he published a selfie of his wife in a green dress and him in a black suit, with the actress displaying her baby’s womb. Both of them are looking at each other’s eyes and are smiling at each other as well.

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Sanjeev is thrilled as he has been also added, “And yes, we have Cast Alya’s Pregnancy tummy bulge to treasure eternally. We don’t have expressions or words to show our thanks to @thaarikha breastmilk jewellery for Creating this most emotional Belly casting on our order.”

“We are very delighted that we can greet our Cute little newborn with his womb and we are convinced that it applies vibe of Positivity,” he added. Thanks to @thaarikha breastmilk jewellery for Satisfying our wants on our special day.”

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