Saturday, January 28, 2023

Vanderbilt Nurse Radonda Vaught found guilty on death of patient

Even a tiny mistake can generate big complications for doctors and nurses in the medical industry. A nurse has been accused of being the cause of the patient’s death.

On March 25, 2022, a jury found former Nashville nurse Radonda Vaught guilty of negligent homicide and abuse of an incapable adult. Many medical professionals and nurses were afraid that the Vaught case could set a precedent for medical mistakes leading to criminal punishment.

Charlene Murphey died at Vanderbilt University Medical Center just after Christmas 2017, and Vaught, 38, was charged with willful homicide and adult abuse. Her jury selection day was Monday. A lower charge under state law is criminally negligent slaying. A mistaken drug killed Murphy, 75, on December 27, 2017.

A sedative, vecuronium, was given to Murphy instead of Versed, according to prosecutors. The judge read Vaught the judgement and he said, β€œI am just relieved that everything is over.” This 4 1/2 year legal process must be a relief for the Murphey family. I hope the procedure’s finish provides them serenity.

In the gallery were nurses. They came in scrubs. They gathered from all around the state and country to support Vaught and express their worries. The courtroom gallery was quiet. Some, like Rebecca Ray, crocheted. β€œShe entered innocent and will depart innocent,” Ray said Friday morning. Prosecutors claimed Vaught’s actions went beyond a simple oversight.

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