Saturday, January 28, 2023

While filming ‘Kabul Express,’ John Abraham claims the Taliban threatened him

John Abraham recently discussed shooting in Afghanistan for Kabir Khan’s 2006 film Kabul Express. The actor revealed the Taliban ‘threatened’ him and the film’s cast and crew.

According to Kaal’s star, “No social media back then. When I left Afghanistan, Afghans told me not to criticise Afghanistan. Undeniably, Afghans are the most beautiful, loving people on earth, with great hospitality. Lovely, great people.”

Abraham also recounted an incident that occurred while he was recording at the home of former Afghan President Mohammad Najibullah. Said he “It was a UN hotel. I went to the balcony for tea and a rocket hit the US consulate. Condoleezza Rice was the US foreign secretary at the time. It was Afghanistan’s way of telling her they dislike the Americans. Six hours before we arrived, another suicide bomber blew himself up. It was an adventure.”

According to Kabir Khan, there were more security personnel than team workers on the set. “The Taliban deployed a five-man assassination squad, according to the Indian envoy in Kabul. Everyone was nervous. The Taliban sought to convey that life is impossible here. BUT THE AFGHAN GOVERNMENT They provided us 60 armed commandos and 35 SUVs. “We resembled a militia,” he claimed.

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