Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Saba Qamar and Humayun Saeed want PM Imran Khan to finish his term

In the midst of rising political tensions, celebrities are rushing to Twitter to support Prime Minister Khan, as Islamabad organises a rally after the PM urged citizens to gather at the Parade Ground for a “historic” show of power.

At least fifty PTI ministers went ‘missing’ ahead of the opposition’s no-confidence motion. However, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid said the ruling party will not use extra-constitutional means to influence the outcome of the no-trust resolution. Along with the rest of Twitter, other writers have weighed in on the subject, expressing their support for the skipper.

In a tweet, Saba Qamar stated, “This is about Pakistan, not one person.” May Allah (SWT) bless our PM Imran Khan. Ameen.”

“I have admired Imran Khan’s leadership since he was a sportsman,” wrote Humayun Saeed. I hope he finishes his term. “Allah’s blessings

“I stand with Imran Khan,” Shaan Shahid tweeted again, echoing his previous statements. No other leader is wanted in Pakistan. They backed Imran Khan. “You may retain your parliament but not our leader.”

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