Monday, October 3, 2022

Kapil Sharma Show will be off the air owing to the comedian’s US tour

A report in a magazine claims that Kapil has a month-long tour of the United States slated to begin in mid-June, during which he will be unavailable for filming.

The show will be pre-recorded for a few episodes, on the other hand, in order to keep people entertained before the show is cancelled.

This isn’t the first time Kapil Sharma has taken a break from his current show while it is still airing on television. Kapil had took a year off from performing the year before after becoming a father for the second time in January 2021, which was his first child.

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“Because I need to be at home with my wife to give birth to our second child,” Kapil said to a fan who enquired about the show’s cancellation while participating in a Q&A session on a social media app.

The Kapil Sharma Show was re-launched in June 2021 with a new host, who was announced at the time.

Following the article’s assertion, the lapse in service would be minimal this time as well, presumably lasting only a few weeks. The ultimate decision will be made in a few days by Kapil and his team, regardless of the outcome.

Kapil Sharma has been juggling his television show with his upcoming Bollywood comeback with director Nandita Das, which he is currently filming in Mumbai.

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