Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Pakistan has unveiled its nuclear-capable SH-15 howitzer in public for the first time

On March 23, Pakistan Day was observed. Islamabad’s new Parade Ground hosted the National Day Parade.

During the parade, the military showed off its might. The SH-15 howitzer, which can fire nuclear weapons, was also on display.

China delivered its first SH-15 howitzers to Pakistan in January. SH-15 155mm nuclear self-propelled artillery. A Chinese state-owned defence company sold Pakistan 236 howitzers in December 2019.

NORINCO launched the SH-15 at the Zhuhai Airshow in November 2018. The SH-15 was also on show in Karachi that month.

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It was previously unknown in Pakistan. A smuggled image of the secret trials appeared in Chinese defence periodicals.

Basing on the CAESAR truck-mounted howitzer. It’s a Shaanxi truck with a 155 mm gun-howitzer on the rear. Control, navigation, location and aiming are all automated.

It can direct and indirect fire. It can launch a V-LAP missile up to 53 km. 6 rounds/min. This allows it to fire shots and move swiftly to evade counter-fire.

It has a crew of six. An armoured front cabin protects the cabin crew from small arms fire. About 22 tonnes. It can reach 90 km/h. It has a maximum range of 600 km when fully charged.

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