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Avoid marrying your teen girls to older men like my parents did: Zoya Nasir

Actress Zoya Nasir has made a name for herself in the industry for all the right reasons. Despite being the daughter of Maula Jutt creator and scriptwriter Nasir Adeeb, Zoya couldn’t pursue acting professionally.

Zoya Nasir stifled her excitement and became a full-time beautician at Sabs. She supervises salons in Miami, New York, and Lahore. That she was able to enter the realm of entertainment after her success in the beauty industry opened doors for her as a child.

In an interview with Fuchsia, the actress talked about her early years, being bullied for her weight, and fighting industry nepotism and lobbying. She also talked about her divorce and encouraged young girls to work and live independently before marriage.

“While I won’t go into details, I did marry at 19 years old. In my case, he was 8. Zoya recalled the difficulties of teen weddings.

A child with obligations, not a spouse. Because my universe was so little, I caved. People wanted me to be, so I became that. I’d accept faults. That was too young to divorce, my family realised. “I needed more.” “Don’t marry teen girls,” she warned. Allow them to see themselves. They’ll always be inferior if they don’t.

This year, Zoya broke up with vlogger Christian Betzmann owing to his anti-Palestine and anti-Pakistan views.

Sessional work for a television channel’s film festival led to her acting career. I was chosen by Sonya Khan and Salman Iqbal. I realised I was an adult and didn’t need my parents’ permission, so I said yes. We met, they hired me, and here I am.”

The 2019 drama starring Junaid Khan made Zoya happy, but she wouldn’t suggest it to newcomers. Then I remorse. I made a mistake. I had no idea. I know Farhan Saeed, Hadiqa Kiani, and Bilal Abbas study. They understand character, lighting, and production. Because she has grown, the series displays her mistakes.

To a beginner, I would not suggest a leadership position. Take no contacts. Soothing and preparing for a lead role,” added Zoya.

Despite her talent, Zoya has been criticised for her looks. But the Deewangi actor isn’t worried. “I’ve been told I don’t have a heroine’s face. Identify a star. Is it possible that an obese [unfair] girl has a storey to tell? Using the term “primary actor” is imprecise.

“I went to the US for work and returned back tanned,” she stated. Astonished creators of the show They will accept injections but not the “dark, ugly” colour. Crazy. My ears were ringing. Not right away.

Zoya lost a project for her beliefs. In a web series I had to play a girl who thinks she’s lovely but isn’t We set a price. That black skin is not awful, I said. His way or the highway. I crossed the highway.”

As well as the present lobby system. “I respect Hiba Bukhari. And yet she dominated the sector without a lobby. The lobby has my number. Then I can avoid the perception of nepotism, because acquiring a major role is easy if you know someone in the business. Female actors are undervalued.”

Despite the challenges, the Zebaish performer is grateful to be able to choose her career. Woman handed her duas at a hospital because she mistook her for Hania (from her debut drama). “I was hospitalised for a panic attack. An older lady wished me well and called me Hania. “It lingers.”

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