Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Joe Biden describes India as “shaky” in the face of the Russian threat

India’s “shaky” response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine stood out among Washington’s friends, said US Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden praised the US-led coalition, which includes NATO, the EU, and key Asian allies, for standing unified against Putin.

The sanctions target Russia’s ruble, international trade, and access to high-tech items. Unlike Australia, Japan, and the US, India continues to buy Russian oil and has declined to vote against Moscow at the UN.

Biden told a gathering of US business leaders in Washington that “NATO and the Pacific have a united front.”

“With the exception of India, the Quad has been extraordinarily forceful in dealing with Putin’s aggression.”

In the words of Vice President Joe Biden, Putin “expected NATO to be broken,” but “NATO has never been stronger or more united in its history.”

Even as the West strives to isolate Moscow, Indian refiners are apparently buying inexpensive Russian oil.

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