Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Two PTI MPAs get pre-arrest bail in Karachi local court

A local court in karachi granted pre-arrest bail to two PTI MPAs and jailed three workers for a protest outside the residence of dissident PTI MPA Dr. Ramesh Kumar.

Shahnawaz Jadoon and Saeed Afridi arrived with lawyers at the Karachi court. Two PTI MPAs got pre-arrest bail until March 29. Saeed Afridi demands Rs 50,000 from Shahnawaz Jadoon.

Three PTI workers were also charged in court. In their defence, the accused did not commit any crime, but only exercised their freedom to protest.

On March 25, the judge denied the accused’s request for immediate release and jailed three workers.

Accused A demonstration outside Ramesh Kumar’s residence. Haleem Adil Sheikh and others joined him in the city court.

Opposition leader Sindh has accused MPAs of switching parties, claiming Ramesh Kumar won on Imran Khan’s ticket and Asif Ali Zardari purchased him. No one can stop us from protesting! The workers’ homes were searched.

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