Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Actress Mehwish Hayat became singer and will release her first song

A well known actress Mehwish Hayat has also ventured into the field of music with her first song. She is now putting in appearances in the realm of music as well.

It has revealed that the 34 years old actress Mehwish Hayat has performed her first song in Kashmir Beats Season 2. The video has captured the hearts of her admirers nationwide. She said, “Season 2 will feature my new song Swag Kashmir Beats. What do you think, guys? Are you ready for my grove?”

Moreover, it should emphasised that Kashmir Beats is playing a vital role in bringing the latent singing abilities of the performers to the forefront of public attention. Whereas, actress looked stunning in her black dress and smokey eye makeup in the video.

Social media fans have reacted positively to the actress’ new appearance and have commended her in their remarks. Furthermore, on her work front, the actress will see in the near future assisting on the film ‘London Nahi Jaungi’.

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