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7 Precautions to Save Yourself from Lahore’s Pollution

Punjab is a massively populated province. Such a high amount of population leads to an excessive amount of air pollution. Lahore, in particular, suffers the most when it comes to air pollution. Even so, it is common knowledge that Lahore’s air quality is at its worst. Due to the hazardous levels of air pollution in Lahore, the residents are starting to experience minimal to extreme health problems.

Furthermore, one can easily determine the negative impact on the country’s financial health if a large chunk of the population remains unproductive due to said health issues. The dense traffic, toxic gasses that emit from factories as well as waste contribute a whole lot to the air quality index of Lahore. According to recent studies, more than a hundred thousand people suffer fatally as a result of air pollution.

While the government continues to implement plans to improve these conditions, the health officials stress the fact that people themselves need to take proper steps to protect themselves from the deathly air pollution.

Initially, the experts highlighted the use of appropriate equipment and gear used to reduce the impact of air pollution. You can get such items delivered to your doorsteps in just a few hours by taking advantage of online services such as emeds.

Following are 7 vital precautions to take to save yourself from Lahore’s air pollution:

Prevalent Type of Air Pollution: Smoke Exposure & Smog

Another fact about Lahore? It remains amongst the worst smog-affected cities in the world all the time. Smog is more common during summer in different cities, but when it comes to Lahore, smog is a hazard that almost stays with the locals all year long.

Moreover, air pollution breeds further issues like smoke exposure. The long-term effects of smog and smoke exposure are pretty similar. In general, the stress on your cardiovascular system is increased significantly. Also, cardiovascular stress can aggravate pre-existing conditions like asthma, lung diseases as well as hypertension.

Although the hazards and consequences differ widely depending on how frequently the person has been exposed and the exact concentration of the matter during exposure. The activity level is considered, too.

7 Ways to Protect Yourself from Air Pollution in Lahore

Following are a few simple and practical tips for protecting you and your family from the dangers of air pollution:

  • Keeping Windows Closed & Avoid Certain Activities

First and foremost, it is vital to keep your windows closed. In order to keep the polluted air from entering your home, you need to make sure that there are no entry points. Then, you should circulate and use methods of filtration. You can also turn on the fans to purify the air. Remember that ventilation is essential.

Also, try to avoid certain chores as well as activities that bring forth dust particles. For instance, try not to vacuum, get rid of dust bunnies, or do any task involving dust. This is because such activities can further degrade indoor air quality. On the other hand, you can experiment with alternative cleaning methods that are considered safe such as wet mopping and vacuuming with HEA-filtered vacuums.

  • Keep an Eye on Pollution Forecasts

Make a habit of checking the public air pollution forecasts as soon as you wake up or before you are supposed to leave the house. Doing so will allow you to avoid unnecessary contact with harmful particulates. However, if you are required to step out during peak air pollution hours, you can use the appropriate gear.

  • Use an N95 mask

If leaving the house is a must, then make sure that you wear an N95 mask to prevent inhaling the polluted air. As a matter of fact, masks made from cloth or any other material typically do not protect against hazardous air. Also, keep in mind that fine particles can easily penetrate through cloth masks.

  • Encouraging Alternatives to Driving

Try to walk, bike or carpool when you have to make trips. You can also encourage children to use the bus or carpool together for a greener outcome. In addition to carpooling, you should take advantage of public transport by planning trips on buses, subways, light rail systems, as well as commuter trains—any other alternatives to driving your car.

  • Limit the Use of Energy

Try to use less energy in your home. You can do so by generating electricity by getting solar panels installed in your house. Not only do you improve the air quality through this one-time investment, but you can curb greenhouse gas emissions and even save money.

  • Stay Indoors

Limit your outdoor activities when the air pollution levels are high. Avoid exercising outside or doing chores that require you to leave your house. In addition to this, increase your water intake to stay hydrated and excrete any air pollution that enters your body.

  • Using Air Purifiers

Add air purifiers to the interior of your home. They will assist in removing harmful pollutants in your surrounding environment.

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