Saturday, January 28, 2023

Someone exchanged me with another child at birth, says Rani Mukerji

Bollywood’s well known actress Rani Mukerji has disclosed that she has exchanged by another kid after her birth. She had appeared in an interview, where she talked about her life’s interesting fact.

According to her interview, Rani Mukerji stated that a very intriguing exchanged event had occurred in the hospital. After she was born, she had taken to a hospital where she shared a room with a girl from a Punjabi family.

When her mother Krishna Mukerji found out about it, she started making a racket at the hospital. She claimed that this was not her daughter and that her eyes were brown. My daughter’s eyes were not brown.

Whereas, in the hospital, Rani Mukerji’s mother began hunting for her. She eventually discovered her in the room of a Punjabi family who had just given birth to their eighth child.

The Indian actress claimed that her family members playfully remind her that she is actually a Punjabi.However, she accidentally ended up in their home by mistake.

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