Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Fans shocked to see leading actress Sajal Aly in niqab on Instagram

Fans have shocked and taken aback when they saw Pakistani leading actress Sajal Aly dressed in a niqab. She recently posted on her official Instagram.

Actress Sajal Aly has dressed entirely in black and wearing a niqab. She posted an Instagram story showing her in this outfit but this time with her face totally covered by the veil.

In the backdrop of this video of Sajal, you can hear the singer Daniel Zafar’s half hearted song. It can guess just by glancing at it. In a comment on Sajal’s video, one user stated that he appeared to have expressed regret.

According to another fan, the actress’ video has related to her sadness. She has also expressed frustration, noting that when people are unhappy they turn towards religious and philosophical practises such as meditation or prayer.

Furthermore, a user said that it seems the actress will participate in any Ramadan transmissions.

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