Saturday, January 28, 2023

Prince Harry had not able to protect Meghan Markle from sexism and racism

According to reports, Prince Harry has frightened and very saddened by his inability to protect his wife Meghan Markle. She has trolled by social media and web articles for abuse and harrassment, sexism and racism.

Prince Harry acknowledged the huge curiosity about his personal life. He urged people to respect Meghan’s privacy when it has disclosed that the former actress was his girlfriend.

Sources said that making such a public declaration about his private life was uncommon for Harry at the time. He did it out of concern that Meghan may call time on their relationship.

Moreover, Prince Harry has concerned about Meghan Markle safety and is profoundly sorry that he had not able to protect her. It’s unfair to put Ms. Markle to this kind of scrutiny just a few months into her relationship with him.

This will be referred to as the price she must pay and this is all part of the game by analysts. But it has adamantly opposed and It’s not a game. It’s her and his lives at stake.

He is aware that this type of remark is unique. He believes that those who are open-minded will understand why he has decided to make it public.

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