Wednesday, February 1, 2023

PM Imran orders probe into anti-institution campaign: Sources

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday ordered an investigation into the social media campaign against state institutions.

The decision was made during a PTI leaders meeting where the prime minister was given a campaign report.

The campaigners against the institutions have been identified, sources say, and the FIA will look into it.

Several politicians have asked that PM Imran Khan and the judiciary take action against a PTI leader’s anti-army statements.

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President Bhutto’s social media team and MNAs’ propaganda efforts should be taken note of, according to PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari.

“It should be noted, whether by the ISPR or our judiciary. In a statement, he claimed every institution in the country was struggling to work within its area.

Malik Ahmad Khan, leader of the PML-N, slammed PTI’s social media Malik stated that any danger to the army will cause an existential dilemma for the country.

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Salik Hussain of the PML-Q slammed the PTI leader for disparaging the Pakistan Army and ISI.

“Making unfounded accusations against the Pakistan Army and ISI command is reprehensible. “The prime minister must act to control such elements or we will,” Hussain added.

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