Thursday, February 2, 2023

I had the bitter experience of divorce at only 19, says Zoya Nasir

Actress Zoya Nasir has stated that she had a bitter experience of divorce at the age of only 19. For the first time, actress opened up to a web channel and revealed why she divorced her husband so quickly.

She said that every relationship in the country is going to be wonderful. However, the truth is that my ex-husband was 8 years older than me and we disagreed on many matters. Afterwards, Zoya Nasir has terrified of divorce because she was afraid of what people would think.

Zoya further stated, “It may not have hurt as much as the words and taunts of the people after the divorce as it did at the time of the separation. My ex-husband has happily married and has children for whom I am grateful.”

Moreover, a lot of individuals in the entertainment industry have commented that your face doesn’t look like the lead actress. You are not playing the lead part in your movie. She told about a time when her skin tone was a little duller when she returned from an American tour.

Furthermore, Zoya told that the director had offered her a colour injection and indicated that we didn’t want this hue.

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