Saturday, January 28, 2023

Tareen group seems to split as five MPAs meet Usman Buzdar

There have been some cracks appearing in the group led by Jahangir Tareen, the leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI), following a meeting between as many as five members of the Punjab Assembly (MPAs) and Chief Minister Usman Buzdar.

According to people with knowledge of the situation, the discussions between Usman Buzdar and representatives from the Tareen organization took place two days ago in Lahore. The names of those who got in touch with them were Taimoor Lali, Bilal Asghar, Iftikhar Gondal, Faisal Hayat, and Aslam Bharwana, according to the statement.

According to the sources, the MPAs sought the provincial administration after they were unable to obtain promises of a PML-N nomination. In a meeting with Hamza Shehbaz, a member of the Tareen group claimed that the discussion had ended in failure because Shehbaz did not provide a PML-N ticket during the meeting.

They went on to say that other members of the group could be able to meet with the chief minister of Punjab in the coming two days.

Estranged PTI leader Jahangir Tareen may be able to return to Pakistan within a week, according to a major member of his party, Awn Chaudhry. Tareen had a phone conversation with Chaudhry earlier in the day, and the two spoke about Tareen’s health.

As a result, Awn Chaudhry made contact with Tareen, who is currently in London for medical treatment, and informed him of the contacts that had been made with government representatives on his behalf.

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He also informed Tareen and Pervez Khattak’s contacts and stated that the latter has requested that the Tareen group postpone any decisions that have been made as a result.

“There have been hints of change in Punjab as a result of meeting with Khattak,” he stated, adding that other important people have also met with the members of the organization.

As requested by Jahangir Tareen, Awn Chaudhry is to guarantee that the group remains cohesive and that any decisions are made after extensive deliberation.

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