Wednesday, October 5, 2022

I never said Merub Ali as my sister, says Asim Azhar

Pakistani singer Asim Azhar has provided an explanation about past comment regarding his fiancee Merub Ali. He made a controversial statement and said her sister in the past. However, they both have announced their engagement yesterday.

He retweeted his Twitter post from the previous year. Asim Azhar wrote, “This tweet is for all of the news stations who are releasing screenshots of my phoney chats, in which I branded Merub Ali as my sister.”

Asim Azhar further stated, “I have previously detailed this fictitious dialogue. So, I do not think I need to go into greater detail.”

The singer expressed that a lovely period in his life has arrived and he wants to embrace it. He is sure that everyone’s goodies will arrive shortly. Moreover, Asim Azhar expressed his affection for his family and friends, for their gratitude and sincere prayers.

It should mention that a screenshot from last year’s chat went popular on the internet. In that message chat, a fan was inquiring about the singer’s engagement. Whereas, in answer to a fan’s query, Asim Azhar rejected the rumour of the engagement. According to the screenshot, he stated that Merub Ali is similar to my sisters.

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