Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Imran Khan urging institutions to abandon neutrality: Bilawal Bhutto

To “provoke” state institutions into political affairs, PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said the government of Prime Minister Imran Khan was “provoking” them.

“They [the PTI government] want to irritate institutions… “Their social media teams are waging campaigns because they don’t want institutions to be neutral,” Bilawal remarked on Sunday in Islamabad.

“Only animals remain neutral,” Bilawal stated, referring to the PTI-led government’s attempt to provoke a constitutional crisis.

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The PPP leader said the opposition’s attempt to depose him through a no-confidence resolution was “cowardly Imran” from the start.

“Winning captains never flee… By delaying the session, NA Speaker Asad Qaiser has violated the Pakistani Constitution.

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“His story is made up… Everyone knows who attacked the h… “We will not let this man play with people’s fate,” he added.

Prime Minister Imran Khan would be held accountable for corruption and “flawed” economic policies, Bilawal warned.

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“Despite being in power, PTI lost by-elections due to his economic policies.”

Bilawal called the PM a “foreign-sponsored agent” while criticising him harshly. Foreign elements “installed” Imran into office to undermine CPEC, relations with Europe, and the economy, he claimed.

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“Foreign elements planted you to compromise on Kashmir… “Today, Pakistani and Indian policies are identical,” he stated.

Bilawal welcomed the upcoming OIC summit in Islamabad, but claimed the gathering was not called in the “country’s interest”.

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